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For our Clinic

The doctors and staff at Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates are very professional and they care for you personally. I got my life back after my spine surgery. I highly recommend RMOA.
-Janice A.
August 2017


I have been very satisfied with Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates. The staff has been courteous and professional. The billing department has been prompt and efficient. I would highly recommend RMOA to anybody who needs an orthopedist.
-Don M.
February 2017

The staff is always so nice and helpful. They go above and beyond to help me. They take into account of my pain and needs and always provide answers to my questions.
April 2017

I have been seeing the orthopaedic surgeons of this clinic since 1990. They are professional, caring and provide excellent service before, during and after surgery. They answer all questions and explain all potential risks. I also have praise for the Pas and Medical Assistants.
-Polly H.
September 2017

I also want to thank all of the staff, including but not limited to the front desk receptionists, the check out personnel, the x-ray personnel, the financial consultants, and especially the doctors’ staff (Kaycee this means you!), for their kindness, their prompt response to questions, their professionalism, and their concern. THANK YOU ALL!!
-Jane W.
June 2016

I truly feel blessed to have Rocky Mountain Orthopaedics available here in Grand Junction. Their medical expertise and their professional skills have allowed me to live a full active life. I have had a total knee replacement and shoulder repair by RMO and my results have exceeded my expectations. I’ve gone back to hunting and exercising on a full time basis. Thanks for everything RMO.
– cac
January 2015

After a partial replacement of my right knee and several weeks of therapy I can resume my duties in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary program.
– Gail R.
October 2012


For Dr. Gammon

On June 26 and 28, 2013, Dr. Steven Gammon surgically repaired my 2 broken legs. The breaks, right at each ankle joint, were severe, requiring 7 hours of surgery time and the insertion of titanium plates and screws. Despite the lengthy surgical procedures that have a very high probability of infection and serious complications, I was discharged from St. Mary’s Hospital to my home on July 1, 2013 with very minimal postoperative pain. It is now August 29, 2013–just two months since the surgeries and I am totally amazed that there is almost no scarring from the incisions; a plastic surgeon could not have done a better job. The breaks are almost totally healed and, I am very optimistic that I may be given the green light to begin putting weight on my feet next week and walking soon thereafter. If you need a trauma surgeon of exceptional capability, diligence, care and concern, you will not find a better one anywhere in the world. Dr. Gammon is, in my opinion, a miracle worker.
– Mike H.
August 2013


For Dr. Heil

The RMOA clinic is the best medical office and staff that I see. I was referred to Dr. Heil by a friend. He is very punctual, caring and thorough. I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates and Dr. Heil.
-Barb B.
February 2016

For Dr. Luker

Dr. Mark Luker gave me a new knee and a new lease on life. Chronic pain is so limiting and I now have the freedom to hike with my husband, walk our dogs, move without thinking of “how am I going to do this without hurting?” I cannot thank Dr. Luker, Daryl and RMOA enough for this gift.
– Sheila S.
May 2015

For Dr. Nakano

I am responding in writing to a follow up call I received from you. The hip replacements have given me a new life, allowing me to once again do all the activities I enjoy. I never thought that I would be able to resume riding my horse, golfing and the gardening I had once enjoyed. Dr. Nakano and his staff are miracle workers! He is the very best! The follow up to the procedure has been outstanding and I would recommend the entire staff to any person contemplating surgery. Dr. Nakano and his PA Bill Etenburn are to be complimented on their attention and responsiveness to patients. Thank you to the entire staff for your assistance and guidance through the entire procedure and recovery.
-Linda T.
November 2015


For Dr. Schmitt

Dr. Schmitt was amazing from diagnosis to post-surgical care. I was always comfortable that my questions were answered, that my care was a priority and that Dr. Schmitt was tremendously skilled. I had plantar fasciitis, bunions and an athletic spur. I am now pain free and thankful for her expertise and unrivaled care.
-Nicole H.
September 2014